The Success vs. Failure Dichotomy is a Lie

Your modern definition of success is wrong

Success is “the good or bad results of an action”

For those of you interested in etymology… here’s a dive into the history of the word

Your definition of failure is also wrong

Some more etymology for you

If we define success as only positive things, it traps us into believing that we have to be always succeeding.

Here are some popular definitions of success and why they are screwing us up

Gary Vaynerchuk (famous entrepreneur and internet personality)

Ralph Waldo Emerson (American philosopher and writer)

Lifehack website (full of bad definitions of success)

Hannah Kuspira c. 2 weeks ago (writer of this article)

Without the archaic definition of success, you are judgemental of yourself and others.

I write to empower career-minded young people to live a life of prosperity through the pursuit of meaningful work.

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