It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . Burnout

December will be hell if you don’t take care of yourself in November

Hannah Kuspira


Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

Does the end of the year cause you anxiety?

It sure does for me. When November comes rushing at me, I start thinking about the long winter, Christmas, and the New Year. Bleh.

Although I won’t be upset that 2020 is over, I feel like this year really ran away with me. The fact that it is November again (weren’t we just here?) is blowing my mind.

If you are anything like me and my husband, November is when you start to reflect on the last items on your yearly bucket list. And then you muster up as much of your remaining energy to achieve them. I still have a little bit more left to give… do you?

’Tis the season to be… rested

After all, you can’t celebrate the season of giving if you have nothing left to give.

We are working harder than ever — take care of yourself now to enjoy the holidays later

Just because the holidays are coming, does not mean you should stop caring about your physical, emotional and mental well-being. 2020 has seen some of the lowest employee vacation rates than ever before. The pandemic has also made the workday 48 minutes longer (on average).

Sacrificing our wellness for our work is going to catch up with us

None of us want to be dragging our butts into our holidays with only left-overs left to give to our families. Spend some time weekly to participate in activities that energize you. Yes, my friends, this is an investment and it does not come cheap! You will have to give up some of the things you feel that you should do (goodbye to reading your late-night work emails) and choose to do the things that will help you experience joy.

No matter what stage of your career that you are in (applying for jobs, interviewing, working, managing a team, seeking a promotion) you will be able to do it more effectively if you ensure that you are emotionally and physically healthy. Avoid November burnout by prioritizing the…



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