Humanness is the Most Unused Element of Public Speaking

How to improve your speaking and break through the nerves.

What is Public Speaking?

An estimated 25% of North Americans are afraid of speaking in front of crowds. But most are able to hold a conversation when needed.

What makes a good speaker?

9 Key Elements of Public Speaking:

1. Confidence

2. Passion

3. Authenticity

4. Practise (but not memorization)

5. Voice modulations

6. Succinctness

7. Connecting with your audience

8. Storytelling

9. Repetition

Why are you nervous?

Nerves are protective

But if you run from the possibility of negative consequences, you will never reap the rewards of positive speaking experiences.

To overcome nervousness

Speaking in a way that is respectful, honouring, encouraging, humorous, informative, entertaining, and valuable comes from the ability to recognize that your listener is a valuable human who deserves your best.

Honouring the “humanness” of your audience helps to:

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